Epicenter Therapy Services in Bozeman, Montana
Our goal is to provide the best for the children who need the most

At Epicenter Therapy Services we work with families and their insurance providers to help maximize therapy benefits to the patient  while staying within the family budget.  We bill all insurance and Medicaid.  We are also participating providers with Aetna, Allegiance, Blue Cross/Blue Shield and New West.

The first visit to the therapist is an evaluation.  A report will then be sent to your doctor.  If your physician agrees with the therapist's plan and evaluation, we will then bill insurance for services.  If prior authorization is needed by your insurance company, we will pursue that as quickly as possible so that therapy for the child can begin as soon as possible.  

If a family has no insurance, we will work with them to stay within the family budget for therapy.  Epicenter Therapy does offer free initial screenings.  These are not a full evaluation, but may provide the family with ideas and directions they can go.  We will also help refer you to family support groups and organizations that may be able to offer help at no or low cost.

Please do not hesitate to get your child evaluated.  Then meet with us about your financial concerns so that we can get your child the most help possible.