Epicenter Therapy Services in Bozeman, Montana
Our goal is to provide the best for the children who need the most
Our Services

Aquatic Therapy

Autistic Spectrum Disorders, Behavioral & Socialization Problems

Developmental Delay

Feeding Difficulties

Fine Motor Delays

Gait Training

Gross Motor Delays

Handwriting Skills


Independent Living Skills/Activities of Daily Living

Learning Services

Motor Speech Disorders with Cochlear Implants

Muscle Tone - Hypertonia & Hypotonia

Neurological Conditions

Occupational Therapy

Orthopedics / Sports Injuries

Oral Motor Problems

Orthotics / Sports Orthotics

Physical Therapy

Post Surgical Rehab

Respiratory Dysfunction


Sensory Integration Disorders

Speech Disorders - Dysarthria, Dyspraxia, Speech Delays


Wheelchair & Equipment - Assessments and Fittings